SOLD - Vemuram Shanks 4K Tri-Sound Fuzz Overdrive Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

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A highly sought after and collectable pedal and we see why - it sounds great!  If looks count, it has that too.

All original with the original box and stuff.  Pretty much mint condition.

From the Website:

Collaboration with John Shanks.
The Shanks 4K was designed to recreate the 60’s Fuzz Face like overdrive boost. Equipped with two vintage germanium transistors. The range of the tone is very wide and has a enough head room to obtain a firm and bright clean tone to an edgy crunchy boost. When turning the FUZZ and the BASS to the highest level will get a thick Fuzz Face like distortion. The Fuzz Color trimmer allows to control the fuzz tone from spitty fuzz to a smooth overdrive fuzz.

John Shanks' Comment
“Unlike the creamy distortion of an overdrive, we went for the Hendrix/Jimmy Page tone. The earthquake like distortion you get when you attack the strings, but when played sensitively, it gives off a nice clean tone with an edgy crunch. That is what we wanted to achieve.”


2 Germanium Transistors (Selected)
Level, Fuzz, Bass, Treble / Fuzz Color and Bias Trimmer
Input, Output
006P (9 Volt Battery) or 9Volt regulated AC/DC adapter(Center Negative)
Current Draw:
*Please do not use higher voltage than 9V with this pedal. It is specifically created and designed for 9V

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