Tone King Falcon 1x10" Guitar Combo with Built in Attenuator and Tuki Cover

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Another winner from Tone King!  This little amp is way more than meets the eye!

I was immediately drawn into this amp when it showed up at the shop, just from the look of it.  I really like how they set the chassis in on the side.  The weight is also very appealing!   

Then I plugged in!

The three way switch offers "rhythm", "lead", and "tweed" voicings.  Each are distinctly different and equally useable.  Rhythm is rich and warm.  Lead is brash and gnarly.  Tweed is aptly named - old school and organic.  Each setting offers clean or dirty tones, all of them sound great.

It is so easy to dial in a great tone in any of the three voicings.  The Tone King manual says it all: "It's quite easy to dial in a great tone with the Falcon because of the minimal set of preamp controls. The Volume control determines the gain of the preamp, and thus the volume level of the amplifier. The Tone control adjusts the balance of high frequencies to low frequencies, allowing some broad tonal shaping. These two controls are slightly interactive, meaning that the effect of the Tone control is slightly different at different Volume control settings. You can think of them as operating in more or less the same way as the Volume and Tone controls of many classic vintage amps, such as the tweed.

There's more!  The amp includes Tone King's onboard attenuator.  You can dial this amp down to low, low output levels, clean and as dirty as you want.

The amp is clean and well cared for.  It runs perfectly and is all original.  

Included is a nice Tuki cover.

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  • Case/Cover?: Yes
  • Color: Black / Cream
  • Dimensions: 19" x 16" x 10"
  • Weight: 30lbs
  • Watts: 12 Watts
  • Speaker 1 Brand/Model: Eminence Patriot Ragin' Cajun
  • Speaker 1 Size: 10"
  • Power Transformer brand and/or codes: Original
  • Output Transformer brand and/or codes: Original
  • Extension Speaker Out? No
  • FX Loop?: No
  • Reverb or other effects?: No
  • Power tubes: 2 x 6V6
  • Power Tube Brand: Electro Harmonix
  • Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
  • Preamp Tube Brand: Tung Sol, JJ
  • Filter Caps: Original
  • Pedal?: No
  • Pots, codes: Original
  • Tolex: Original
  • Grille: Original
  • Knobs: Original
  • Handle: Original
  • Power cord: Included
  • Notes:

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