SOLD - Oahu by Valco Guitar Amplifier with Tremolo 1964 Like Supro 1624T 6424

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Here's a tough one to list.  I am a real sucker for Valco amps and their cool, retro looks.  They just happen to sound killer too.  I have a National amp that is a mini version of this amp that sits in my office, occasionally surfacing to blow minds.

The amp has two, two-input channels, each with volume and tone controls, plus tremolo.  The panel layout is functionally and visibly the same as the Supro Dual Tone Tremolo 6242T, as seen in this 1964 Supro catalog, but this amp is equipped with two 6x11" Rola speakers with their original cones.

The amp is pretty much pristine.  It is a joy just to look at.  The tone is something that you either know about or must experience - organic and warm and raw when driven.    The tremolo is sweet too.  It appears to be 100% original with no mods or issues.

Aftermarket cover that has done its job nicely.

  • Color: White/Gold
  • Dimensions: 17"h x 23 1/2"w x 7 1/2"d
  • Weight: 26lbs
  • Watts:15
  • Date: 1964
  • Where date is noted: Transformers, Speaker Codes
  • Speaker 1 brand/model:  Rola
  • Speaker 1 Code: 285416
  • Speaker 2 brand: Rola
  • Speaker 2 Code: 285416
  • Extension speaker out?: No
  • FX Loop?: No
  • Reverb or other effects?: Tremolo
  • Power tubes: (2) x 6973
  • Preamp tubes: (3) x 12AX7
  • Rectifier Tube: 5Y3
  • Pots: Original
  • Tolex: Original
  • Grille: Original
  • Knobs: Original
  • Handle: Original
  • Power cord: Original
  • Notes: This amp's a real cream puff, only driven on lazy Sunday afternoons by your loving grandmother.

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