SOLD - Marshall 2061x Handwired Lead and Bass 20 Reissue 2013

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This 2013 handwired Marshall amp is all original and looks nearly brand new, thanks possibly in part to the Studio Slips cover that is included.

The low power Marshall amps are as hot as anything out there right now, for good reason.  The simplicity and classis tone of these amps is something special.

Here is some text from an online review of the amp:

The 2061X Lead and Bass 20 uses the same preamp and power tubes, but has a solidstate rectifier. Its two channels each have a Tone and a Volume control, and each has high and low inputs. The 2061X has a single on/off switch with indicator light, and the rear of the chassis has parallel speaker jacks, an impedance selector, fuse holder, and a detachable power cord. 

The 2061X produced more sparkly highs, with plenty of low-end. It does not produce the same amount of gain as the 1974X, which would lend it more to blues than rock playing. We found it to be slightly more touch-sensitive – another plus for blues – and it is slightly louder, with more low-end, due primarily to the close-backed cabinet. The Tremolo channel is likewise cleaner and bassier than the Normal channel.

Both amps (this and the 1974x) sound very authentic, with signature British with tone that will make any die-hard old-school “Marshallhead” grin from ear to ear. Their craftsmanship is first-rate, and while they don’t come cheap, this is another certifiable case of “you get what you pay for.” Here, what you may be paying for is that ultimate rock and blues tone with point-to-point attention to detail.

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