SOLD - Marshall Model 1987 JMP 50 watt Lead guitar amp head 1972

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What a superb sounding amp!  If you're going to go with a Marshall, these 50 watt heads are the way to do it.  You can get that tone at more reasonable volume levels.  

The amp has been serviced within the last 5 years by Don Butler.  It received a new power cable and only necessary maintenance in the circuit.  A master volume mod was reversed.  There is a hole in the back of the chassis as the result of this former mod.  One potentiometer is replaced - it must have become unserviceable.

All transformers are original.

Tolex on both sides of the amp as been replaced.  See the pics.

This won't last long! 

  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions:  
  • Weight: 47lbs
  • Watts: 50
  • Date: 1972
  • Where date is noted: Serial number and transformer
  • Extension speaker out?: Two speaker outputs
  • FX Loop?: No
  • Reverb or other effects?: No
  • Power tubes: (2) x EL34
  • Preamp tubes: (3) x 12AX7's
  • Pots: Two Replaced
  • Tolex: Both sides of the head have been repaired with like Tolex.
  • Grille: Back panel and grill were replaced.
  • Knobs: Original
  • Handle: 
  • Power cord: Updated to 3/prong grounded style.
  • Notes: Replaced power cord, the Tolex on both sides was repaired, Previously someone modded the amp to include a master volume but was also previously returned to normal non-master volume, one hole was added to the rear panel to facilitate the mod, it remains. 

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