SOLD - Greer Amps Special Request D Style FET preamp Guitar Effects Pedal With Box

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Here's a Greer Special Request D Style FET preamp pedal.  Having a boost pedal like this in your chain is a great upgrade.  This is a great way to give it a whirl with a reaonably priced, US made pedal.

Comes with the box and some stuff that came in the box.

Greer's website description:

The Special Request is a true tone enhancer. This pedal is a single knob boost, but there’s so much more going on with it.

The Special Request features a moderate amount of boost, and is based on the circuitry that is found in some of the world’s most expensive amplifiers. You know which ones we’re talking about, right? The ones that regularly sell for prices nearing $100,000. Let’s just say that their prices aren’t so Humble…and that’s where this D-Style FET Preamp comes into the picture! Some of those amps have a FET and a Normal input. The FET input is truly special. There’s a FET based preamp between the guitar, and the first gain stage. The Special Request is based on that circuitry.  It features an internal voltage doubler, that pushes 9 volts to 18 volts, and should only be used with a 9 volt battery, or a 9 volt power supply.

Don’t let the single knob fool you—there’s more than meets the eye here. This pedal gives you a boost, but it also does a lot more. There’s a “feel” component that comes along with it. There’s some slight compression that happens, as well as some textural enhancement associated to a unique and selective midrange performance. Without being any brighter or harsh, the Special Request exposes clarity and  more focus with both single notes and chords being more articulate. The Special Request can be set to unity gain to utilize its assertive tonal properties, or can equally be used to increase the touch sensitivity of a good tube amp.  At higher settings the Special Request becomes more forceful with an amplifier pushing it further into saturation.  The strong character of the Special Request has a particular talent in stacking with other drive pedals as well, creating a more focused, dynamic hi-gain sound. 

Try it in front of your drives, as well as last in the signal chain, right before your amp.  The unique response of this pedal provides different tonal options, in each position.
  • Single knob boost!
  • True tone enhancement!
  • Better note and chord clarity, with more articulation of your tone!
  • True Bypass!
  • Uses 9-Volt battery or standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply.

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