SOLD - Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Pro Goldtop 1979

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This one is clean, clean, clean!

When I bought the guitar it had a set of stacked P90 pickups in it.  I went out and found a set of 1979 Gibson P-90's and added them to the guitar, so it is now all stock.  The P-90s are really sweet - they sound great!

I've spent some time searching for other examples of this guitar out there and there are NONE - no active listings, no completed listings, nada!  I see some in Ebony and some in Sunburst - no goldtops.  Larry Meiners book states that there were 70 Les Paul Deluxes made as Goldtops in 1979, but I am very certain that the list is for the mini-hum Les Paul Deluxe, not the Pro.  Now, I am not saying that this makes my particular LP some kind of holy grail, but it sure doesn't hurt.  

The differences between this guitar and a LP Deluxe from the same period are few.  The Deluxe has a rosewood fretboard - this guitar has an ebony board.  This guitar has "Pro" on the truss rod cover rather than "Deluxe".  The only other difference would be the pickups - the Deluxe having mini humbuckers, or in some rare cases full-size humbuckers.

Anyhow, this guitar sounds and plays so good, well, awesome - it's a killer.  It couldn't be more minty, though of course as I said the solders for the pickups are changed.  Everything else is original and 100% issue free.  The truss rod is still effective.  It's good to go!

  • Color: Goldtop
  • Weight: 9lb 7oz
  • Body: Mahogany with Maple Top
  • Neck: Maple
  • Neck Profile: C
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Inlay: Pearloid Trapezoids
  • Frets: Original, very light use
  • Fret count: 22
  • Nut material: Original
  • Nut width: 1 11/16"
  • Scale: 24.75
  • Radius: 10"
  • Neck thickness at 1st fret: .887"
  • Neck thickness at 7th fret: .9"
  • Neck thickness at 12th fret: 1"
  • Action 1st String at 12th Fret: .050"
  • Action 6th String at 12th Fret: .020"
  • String Gauge: 10-46
  • Hardware: Original chrome, Made in Germany Nashville Tune0-Matic
  • Neck Pickup: Original P-90. 8.13k
  • Middle Pickup
  • Bridge pickup: Original P-90, 8.34k
  • Tuners: Original
  • Pots: Original - solders from pickup leads changed
  • Case: Brown Gibson hardshell - 1990s?
  • Notes:

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