SOLD - Fryer Guitars Brian May Treble Booster Deluxe 2014

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Another highly-collectable Fryer treble booster that came in with a killer collection of Queen related gear and other UK made amps, etc.

This one comes with all the papers and the original box.

From Fryer's website, a great look into his history if you click here.

TB Deluxe 2014 redesign:

With the development of the Treble Booster Super pedal in 2014, I had found a new transistor that to be honest I wished I had known about back in 2007 when I first designed the TB Deluxe and TB Plus. Both these pedals use the BC239C transistor which gave me the output that I was looking for (considerably more powerful and with more bottom end  than the TB Touring’s BC182L transistor), but both the Deluxe and Plus designs required some components added to the circuit to overcome the slightly hard and brash sounding characteristic of the BC239C.

The TB Deluxe has been a wonderful sounding pedal since 2007-8, but with the arrival of the new transistor and some circuit changes to suit it I have found something a little extra tonally for the Deluxe that I hope people will love just as much as the previous design. To be honest there is not a great deal between the two – but I feel there is enough to make the change worthwhile.

On 25th August 2014 I spoke to Brian in Sydney about the new TB Super and about my design changes to the TB Deluxe. At first Brian said ‘oh…which one is that?’ which surprised me at first but I half expected because the Deluxe was never really designed for Brian’s use and I suspected that he had never used it either in recording or live. After I reminded Brian about which treble booster the Deluxe was, he said that the only time he could remember using the pedal was in Holland a year or two back when he borrowed someone’s gear at a live performance.

(This was later confirmed by Gerben van Dooremaal). Using Gerben’s AC30s and attenuators at less than full amp volume, the Treble Booster Touring pedal that Brian first plugged in just didn’t have enough sustain and fullness to give Brian the sound that he was used to. So Gerben whipped out the lilac Deluxe and this did the job for Brian.

See Gerben’s letter Mon 25 April 2011 to Brian’s website:

Brian liked my idea of what I had designed for the new 2014 Deluxe version and gave me the go ahead, and said that he would also try the TB Super at the Queen + AL soundcheck in the following days in Sydney. The schedule has been busy for both of us since then and soon I’ll be chatting about these and other things with Brian.

" Powerful, rich, good treble detail"

• 34 dB gain
• Punchy rich sound
• Balance between fatness and treble definition
• Evokes the fatter BM sound of late 1970s Queen albums "News Of the World" and "Jazz".
* fattest sounding and most output level of the 3 Fryer pedals TB Touring, TB Super and TB Deluxe.
* Uses same harmonically rich sounding transistor as Treble Booster Super and Treble Booster Special pedals.

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