SOLD - Fender Vibroverb AA763 1964 Pre CBS

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The rare and sought-after Vibroverb!

I am selling this amp for a friend.  He purchased it from the original owner. 

This amp has a couple changes but is closer to original than any of the three Vibroverbs I've had in the past.  It retains the original speaker.  The tube chart stamp is dates the amp to January of 1964

It sounds as it should - just plain amazing!

Changes include:

  • The original owner removed the feet or "glides" and added casters.  The casters have been removed, leaving four screw holes each - they weren't the removeable kind that require the drilling of a hole for the wheel retainers.  There are no glides on the amp currently.   
  • The power cable is changed to a three prong.  A different clamp/retainer for the speaker cable has been added.
  • The footswitch is not original.
  • One transformer, I believe the output transformer (maybe the choke?), is a 1965.  The rest of the transformers and the pots date to 1963.  
  • The knobs are all recent, but 8 of the original knobs are included.
  • Some caps are changed - see detailed pics.


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