SOLD - Fender Super Reverb 1964

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This Super Reverb is the perfect player's amp.  

The chassis and transformers are original.  It was stirred up while sorting out the estate of a good friend.  During this effort we also discovered a 1970's Fender Bantam Bassman combo that was in a sad state - first, it was a Bantam Bassman, which pretty much sucks, and it also had the lame stock styrofoam speaker and some electronic issues.  We ditched the Bantam chassis and baffle and used the cabinet to house this Super chassis.

The grille is a Mojo replacement.  We added four Jensen C10Q speakers with original cones, dated 1967.  These speakers were likely removed from a Silvertone amp.  I soldered in an original mid-60s Super Reverb wiring setup between the amp and the speakers.  

My amp tech went through the chassis and gave it a clean bill of health, changing out the filter caps in the process.  As you can see in the pics, the rest of the circuit is very close to stock.  Pots date around the 20th week of 1964, and the transformers all date around the 30th week of 1964.  The reverb can is not original Fender issue, but it is era appropriate and you'd never notice the difference if I didn't tell you.  The power cord has been swapped out for a grounded one and the plug is brand new.

The amp sounds absolutely amazing, just as it should.  The Jensen speakers suit it very well.  

This is ready to be your post-COVID gigging amp!

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