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The recent purchase of a guitar collection included this unicorn.  The collector is a lawyer, so when presented with the opportunity to acquire this guitar that appealed to him as a guitar collector while touching on his life-long career, he jumped on it.

If you're unfamiliar with George Amicay's work, just google "George Amicay Guitar" and you'll find plenty of materials on him and his works.

The story behind this particular guitar is this, or so I'm told:

Fender wanted to have a guitar made for their legal counsel, so they commissioned the work to George and Jason Davis, Fender Master Builder.  As seen here, the guitar was portrayed by an Ebay seller as the prototype for the actual guitar that was gifted to Fender's lawyer.  My verification of this is pending, but my thought on the guitar is that it is clearly a legitimate Fender made guitar, that the work was clearly done by Mr. Amicay, and whether it was a prototype or not, it is fundamentally a one-of-a-kind piece.  

The guitar is complete and functional with one exception: not all of the standard tremolo mounting screws were installed.  There are just two holding the bridge to the solid mahogany body.  A set of appropriate screws are in the case, should the next owner care to install them.  The body and the back of the birdseye maple neck bear Amicay's signature.  In places, the carving is overlaid with gold leaf.  Gold hardware and gold anodized pickguard/backplate round out this unique piece.

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