SOLD - Fender Stratocaster 1957

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Mahar's Guitars is a really fun place to be right now, thanks in large part to all these amazing 50's and 60's guitars that have shown up lately!  

This guitar is no exception.  It is another with a few changes, but it retains that feel and sound that only a 50's guitar has.

The finish throughout is completely original.  The body is a nicely oriented, 2-piece alder body with a cool grain pattern.  The neck plays great - I just put a new set of 10-46 strings on it and it feels fantastic.  The pickups are original, and so are two of the pots, the capacitor, the output jack and the interior wiring.  The original volume pot was replaced and the switch converted to a 5-way.  The original switch is in the case.

The original owner's name was tastefully engraved in the tremolo cavity.  His business card and obituary are in the case pocket.    

The changes: Volume pot, likely new tremolo springs, the switch, a few bridge saddle springs appear newer than others, new frets (Dunlop jumbo 6100 equivalents), and a likely changed nut.  There is shielding paint in the pickup and control cavity.  It wasn't sloppily done, but it is there.

The case is also a bit more worn than it appears in pictures.  The handle, latches and hinges are all intact, but there is a split in the wood on the lid, under the tweed, that allows the case to open all the way when you lay the case down and open it.  An intrepid person could reinforce the lid.  I'd like to try but there just isn't time here for a woodworking project currently.  A repair could however be performed that wouldn't show as the outside of the case doesn't reflect the structural issue with the case.  That being said, when the case is latched closed, it stays closed and securely holds the guitar.


  • Body: 2 piece alder with original two tone sunburst and 1-57 pencil date
  • Neck: Maple with original finish and very recent pro refret to Jescar FW57110, equivalent to Dunlop 6100.  Dated 1-57
  • Weight: 7lbs 5oz
  • Neck thickness measured just behind the fret: .922 at 1st fret, .96 at 7th fret, .996 at 12th fret
  • Neck pickup: 7.05k, original
  • Mid pickup: 6.8k, original
  • Bridge pickup: 7.08K, original
  • Pickguard: Orig, backplate and screws in case
  • Tuners: Orig
  • Pots: One changed, others are stamped 304633 and 304543
  • In the case: Original trem arm, backplate and the obituary and business card of the original owner.

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