SOLD - Fender Princeton Reverb 1965 Pre CBS

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This Princeton Reverb operates perfectly and sounds absolutely amazing!  The cabinet, grille, faceplate and handle are all in excellent cosmetic condition.  The speaker is a 1966 Jensen C8306, which I believe is not original to the amp, but it sure sounds awesome!  The original footswitch is included as well.

The amp has all the Pre CBS cosmetics - the logo and Fender Musical Instrument labeling on the control panel and rear panel.  The transformers and pots all date to late 1964.  The tube chart is dated to late 1965.  Speaking of the tube chart - someone at Fender was sleepy the day this am went out - they put a non-reverb Princeton tube chart label in the cabinet!  The label is also Pre CBS, and there is no reason to believe that the amp was placed in a different cabinet at some point because the original reverb bag and pan have very obviously been in the bottom of the cabinet forever.

The amp circuit has seen a couple changed caps - see the pictures.  The power cable is changed to a 3 prog, which is grounded to the chassis where a transformer mount screw penetrates, so the cord change didn't alter the chassis. 

Grab this super collectible amp before it is gone, or before I sell something of my own to keep it!

  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 25.5 x 17 x 9
  • Weight: 30lbs
  • Watts: 12
  • Date: 1965
  • Where date is noted:  transformers and pots all date to late 1964.  The tube chart is dated to late 1965. 
  • Speaker 1 brand/model: 1966 Jensen C8306
  • Speaker 1 Code: 220616
  • Extension speaker out?: yes
  • Reverb or other effects?: Reverb and Tremolo
  • Power tubes: (2)Mesa 6V6GTA
  • Preamp tubes: 1)Sovtek 7025, (2)Sovtek 12AX7, (1) GE 12AT7
  • Rectifier: GZ34
  • Pedal: original
  • Pots: original
  • Tolex: original
  • Grille: original
  • Knobs: original
  • Handle: original
  • Power cord: updated 3-prong, no change to chassis.


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