SOLD - Fender Jaguar 1964 Candy Apple Red with Gold Hardware!

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Fender 1964 Jaguar, Candy Apple Red with Gold Hardware

This guitar is all 1963 with the exception of the neck date: 1JAN64B, January 1, 1964.  Pots and all features point to 1963.

A beautiful, all-original example that would be pretty rare with the CAR custom color and matching headstock.  Add the gold hardware and you've got a true custom-order unicorn!

Flowery adjectives all apply here: mojo, vibe, cool-factor, but the fact is that this is simply an exceptional guitar that plays and sounds great. 

100% original from the frets, through the electronics, to the sweet white case.  The original gold tremolo bar is included, as is the bridge cover, which has the original owner's initials adhered.  

Frets are in great shape.  The guitar sets up really well.  There is some typical finish peeling on the back, but overall the finish is in excellent shape and the color is strong.  The original pickguard shows typical shrinkage, but it is better than most and hasn't gotten to the point where the guitar or the playability is affected, and the pickguard can be removed and put back on the guitar - a challenge with most Jags and Jazzmasters from the period.

The original case is in fabulous condition as well.

Some specs:
Weight: Just a tiny hair under 8 pounds
Curved Brazilian rosewood fretboard with clay dots
Neck measurements are always approximate as different people seem to get different results:
Thickness at 1st fret: .825"
Thickness at 7th fret: .934"
Thickness at 12th fret: .957"

I am also open to trades, with the consideration that I will need to be able to mark your trade up when I re-sell it.  Multi-piece trades are not our of the question.

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