SOLD - Fender Deluxe Reverb AB763 Export Model

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Contrary to popular belief, these Silverface Deluxe Reverbs are pretty much the same as their mid-60's Blackface counterparts.  This one differs in that the power transformer and corresponding switch on the rear panel allow for operation in different countries without a step up transformer.

The amp is in good shape with only a couple dings through the tolex.  The grill is a bit dingy but intact.  The footswitch is a repro.  The speaker is a 1967 JensenC12P.  The power cord is changed, or at least the end is.  I changed the speaker cable and connector out for a vintage Fender part.  The cloth insulation on the speaker cable was frayed so I added some shrink tube to it.

The filter caps were updated, as were some parts throughout the circuit, all are standard maintenance steps.

All transformers date to 1969.  The reverb tank is original.

The original tube chart was ripped and just a small part remains.  Someone stuck a reprint of the tube chart in the opposite side of the cabinet.

A great sounding amp with killer reverb and overall tone!


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