SOLD - Fender Deluxe Amp Pre CBS 1965 Blackface Orig Chassis, Repro Cab

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This Deluxe made it home this weekend for assessment and a little playing time.  It sounds so good!

Upon first inspection it was easy to see that the speaker and baffle were both recent.  The cabinet threw me for a little bit.  It is very well built and the tolex job is legit.  There are even a couple old looking cigarette burns on the top!  However, I do believe that the cabinet is a really good repro made of finger-jointed pine like the originals.  The glides and corners look like repro parts, but the handle and the chassis straps/bolts are original.

The amp circuit looks to be 100% original, with all original transformers in place.  The knobs and face plates are original as well.  The amp shows a date stamp inside the chassis and the markings on the faceplates that make it a pre CBS model.

The speaker is an Eminence made, Fender labeled, recent unit.  It keeps up with the amp nicely.  The footswitch is a repro as well, but it is nice to have it to turn the tremolo on and off.  The tremolo is working great too, by the way.  The power cable appears to be the only change to the amp chassis, changed to a modern, grounded cord.

These amps sound awesome.  They are known to have better tone than Deluxe Reverbs, and this one is no exception..


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