SOLD - Fender 5E3 Deluxe Tweed Amp

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Here we have perhaps the most sought after amp ever- the narrow panel 5E3 Deluxe from 1957.

This example pretty much has it all. Appropriate maintenance has been performed: new filter caps and a speaker recone for the original Jensen P12R from the folks at Speaker Repair Pros - formerly Orange County Speaker.

The rest of the circuit is delightfully original. Astrons everywhere!

Original transformers are intact.

The original handle is there, and I have a repro to throw in so you can save the relic original one.

Speaker, transformer and pot codes all date to late 1956.

I re-tubed it. Old RCAs were in place, but after going tube by tube to see if any sounded good enough to leave in the amp, it just sounded better with the new JJ preamp/rectifier and TAD 6V6s.

The speaker cable and original jack appear to have original solders to the speaker.

It sounds glorious.

Original tweed and grille cloth show some wear, but not too much.

The power cable has been changed out to a grounded one.

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