SOLD - Fender Jaguar 1965

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Fender Jaguar, 1965, transitional model with pearl dot inlays, no neck binding, L serial number plate and black case with no logo.

Here is a Google Photos album with more detailed pics:  

This guitar is in excellent condition with consideration to its age and comparison to other examples from the same year.  All electronics, frets, finish and parts are original, however the typical pickguard shrinkage required a replacement as it had shrunken over the bridge post holes, pushing the mute and bridge up, negatively affecting playability.  A period correct replacement guard with shielding applied is now on the guitar.  The original is included in the case.  The new guard is really nice, with appropriate "mint green' layers between the tortoise and black layers.  It fits perfectly as well and required no change to the pickguard holes, etc.

Frets are in excellent condition and the neck, bearing the stamp 1APR65B, feels fantastic.  The curved Brazilian board shows beautiful grain.

Pots date to the 8th and 15th weeks of 1965.  No solders are changed.  I had to remove the original foam under one of the pickups as I was setting the guitar up after the pickguard change.  I added foam under both pickups to allow for pickup adjustment.  

The guitar could stand a nut replacement.  Slots on the nut are low, making it difficult for me to nail a setup.  The guitar will need a new nut or some work to the existing one as well as a setup, which I intend to leave to the new owner.

The original trem arm, bridge cover and instruction manual/hang tag (with correct serial number) are included in the case, along with a bridge height adjustment allen wrench and the original pickguard.

Overall, this is a fantastic example of Pre-CBS fender work that is in very clean condition but worn enough for someone to enjoy and play  it regularly.  With the final addition of a nut and professional setup to your  specs, this will be a guitar to enjoy for a lifetime.

Some specs: 
  • Original black, transitional no-logo case with all latches in tact but a couple spring issues.  All still function and keep the case secure.
  • Weight: 8lbs 9oz
  • No Neck Binding, pearl dot inlays - transitional features
  • Frets: original
  • Neck thickness measurements may vary based on exact location measured:
  • Thickness at first fret: .807"
  • Thickness at 7th fret: .918"
  • Thickness at 12th fret: .925"

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