SOLD - Epiphone Galaxie EA-33RVT 1964

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After having had a chance to plug into this amp just now I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised!  It has a big voice for a low power circuit!  I hit it with a '58 reissue Les Paul, and it handled it all the way up to "10".

The amp shows some wear for sure, but not abuse.  There should be feet on it, and the bottom corners are adorned with old cabinet corner hardware.  The control panel shows surface rust, but the original transformers do not.  All the tubes are old, US made, an they're all working great.  A friend traded it in and had some typical service done to it while he owned it, including the addition of a grounded power cable and a Celestion speaker.  The original CTS alnico speaker is included, but it has a small tear that causes an audible buzz while playing.  

The original footswitch is included, which switches the tremolo and reverb on and off.  Both the reverb and tremolo work.  The reverb is a bit whacky, but it is there and has a surfy boingy-ness to it.

Perhaps the big voice comes from the large cabinet.  The amp is bigger than a Tweed Deluxe, perhaps unnecessarily so.  I guess they probably used the same cabinet for other models as well, and put this small amp and 10" speaker in to offer this size amp/price point.


  •  H x W x D: 19x22x10.5
  • Reverb and Tremolo onboard
  • Rectifier tube: 6CA4
  • Power tubes: (2) 6AU5
  • Preamp tubes: (3) 6EU7


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