SOLD - Epiphone Futura EA-12RVT amp 1962

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Here's a rare one to add to your collection!  These 4x8" combos are hard to come by, especially in this year, which has the best looks for sure when compared to the Epi amps of the later 60s.

The amp sports original gold Jensen P8R 8" speakers with late 1961 date codes, original transformers, the cool lucite handle, and it has seen some professional maintenance that was cleanly done to spec.  All tubes are old US made, some are the original Gibson tubes.  Transformers an pots all date to 1961.

Reverb and tremolo are footswitch-able with the original pedal.

Treble and bass controls are on cool, concentric knobs, as are the tremolo depth and frequency controls.  One-knob reverb level control.

The amp is as clean as they come. 

Great tone at all volumes, and it isn't crazy loud.  A good recording, living room or gigging amp. 

Tubes: 5Y3 rectifier, 2ea 6V6, 4ea Gibson 6EU7, 1 ea Baldwin Organ (probably a 12AX7)

Dimensions: 21.5x22x10.5

Weight: 36lb


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