SOLD - Dwight Juke by Clive Brown SG Jr style Korina custom build

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Years ago now, perhaps in about 2006, I met Clive Brown at a Texas guitar show.  I had acquired a Gibson Les Paul Junior that was poorly refinished and not at all as good as it could have been.  I showed him the guitar and sent it home with him to the UK.  He refinished and relic'd it for me and it came out to be a spectacular guitar. 

So, when I saw this Dwight he made I jumped on it., figuring that it would be a killer.  Sure enough, it is!

Its just about the lightest electric guitar I've ever handled.  It rings like a bell too.  It really is addictive to play, even without plugging it in.  Plugged in, it is a beast!

The neck is chunky, which I really like, and the nut width gets close to that 1 11/16" that everyone likes- it is just a hair over 1 5/8".  

The guitar is worn.  It was originally relic'd to look old, and it has passed through several hands that used it a good bit to get some real relic work on top of the shop work Clive did.

I found an old listing of this guitar for sale and found some communication there from Clive to the original owner.

"Really pleased that you got the Dwight Juke and that you are enjoying it, the Juke name came partly from "Junior" and Juke Joint, I thought that it worked with the guitar as I do build the Dwights to Rock!
Info on the guitar is, Original vintage Kluson tuners, pickup is Custom wound for me by MJ at Seymour Duncan, (An idea between BFG and myself, his 3/4 TV that I built has one fitted) Bridge is Pigtail vintage wrapround, studs and bushings are custom made as is the pickup cover, pots knobs and jack are new USA CTS, cap is vintage, Knobs are vintage, strap buttons are aged Gibson style, wood that the guitar is built from is Korina, fretboard is Wenge, truss rod is custom made vintage style, pickguard, trc and backplate are custom made by myself as is the body, neck and finish. I think that is everything.
Thanks again for buying the guitar!
Best Regards,

The tuners, pickup, bridge, pots, jack, cap, and strap buttons that Clive mentioned are still on the guitar.  Somewhere along the line the knobs were changed out.

You're going to love this piece!  

TKL hardshell case included.

  • Color: Silver Fox
  • Weight: 5lb
  • Body: Korina
  • Neck: Korina
  • Neck Profile: C
  • Fretboard: Wenge
  • Inlays: Dot
  • Frets: Original in good condition
  • Fret count: 22
  • Nut material: Synthetic
  • Nut width: 1 5/8"
  • Scale: 24.5"
  • Radius: 9.5"
  • Neck thickness at 1st fret: .98"
  • Neck thickness at 12th fret: 1.1"
  • Action 1st String at 12th Fret: .050"
  • Action 6th String at 12th Fret: .050"
  • String gauge: .010-.046
  • Hardware Color: Nickel
  • Bridge Pickup Brand: Seymour Duncan Custom Shop
  • Bridge Pickup Reading: 8.01k
  • Bridge Pickup Original?: Yes
  • Pickguard: 1 ply White
  • Bridge: Pigtail Vintage Wraparound
  • Tuners: Kluson Deluxe 3 x 3
  • Pots/Codes: New USA CTS
  • Case: TKL Hardshell
  • Notes: Take a close look at the pickup... appears to be a dog eared P-90? Its a humbucker!

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