SOLD - Fender Champ 5F1 Tweed 1958

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If you're in the market for a Champ, we have a couple for you.  As I mentioned in our listing for a '61 Champ, it is really hard to find a cleaner example, especially one that still has the original handle intact.

This unit retains its original transformers, power cable and full compliment of components in the circuit.  The only change is the speaker, which is a 1959 Jensen that I know came from a different amp.  

The tone you get from these amps is pretty remarkable.  They'll roar, and when you back off the volume on your guitar they clean up and sound sweet.  They're small, so bass response isn't there, but they're legendary for that dimed tone and absolutely rule in the studio.


  • Color: Tweed
  • Dimensions 12 1/2"h x 13 1/2"w x 7 1/2"d
  • Weight: 12lbs
  • Watts: 3 to 5 watts
  • Date: 1961
  • Where date is noted: Transformers
  • Speaker 1 brand/model: Jensen 
  • Speaker 1 Code: 220939
  • Extension speaker out?: No
  • FX Loop?: No
  • Reverb or other effects?: No
  • Power tubes: (1)x 6v6
  • Preamp tubes: 12AX7
    Rectifier tube: 5y3
  • Pedal: No
  • Pots: Original
  • Tolex: Tweed Original
  • Grille: Original
  • Knobs: Original
  • Handle: Original

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