SOLD - Aracom Amplifiers PRX150-DAG (Destroy All Guitars) Power Attenuator

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This unit is very lightly used and in excellent condition.

From website:
The ARACOM-DAG power attenuator utilizes ARACOM's innovative, patent pending "Speaker Reactance Thru" Technology to provide highly transparent power attenuation.

The Power Rox Power Attenuator (Model: PRX150-DAG)
The PRX150-DAG is a power attenuator designed to be used with tube amplifiers and it allows guitarist to achieve the much desired "fully cranked up" tone from their tube amp, but at more practical volume levels. Utilizing its unique and innovative "Speaker Reactance Thru" (SRT) technology, the PRX150-DAG allows the speaker to fully maintain its natural reactance. As a result, the PRX150-DAG allows the amplifier's original, "cranked up" tone to be maintained at reduced volume levels.

The PRX150-DAG can be a valuable tool for any guitarist. During practice time, when recording, or when rehearsing with the band; you can enjoy the cranked-up power tube tone of your amplifier "the way it was meant to be heard", but at lower volume levels, while pleasing your ears and at the same time not upsetting the neighbors. When playing live you can turn up your tube amp until the cherished power driven tone is reached, then "click" down a notch or two via the Power Rox Attenuator to please your sound man. Everyone will be happy with your tone, most importantly your audience.

The new Aracom PRX150-DAG model is housed in a new smaller streamlined enclosure and features 2 Modes of Variable Attenuation via a front mounted dual range Variable Attenuation Switch allowing up to -40db of overall attenuation. It also includes a High Frequency Cut Filter with True Bypass which rolls off the highs above 6KHz.

- Line Out Switching Potentiometer “Push/Pull Pot (Knob).” This addition switches between the raw Direct Output signal and an Equalized Line Out signal: Potentiometer Knob Pushed In = Equalized Line Out signal that emulates the natural high frequency roll off of a guitar speaker, Potentiometer Knob Pulled Out = Non-equalized Line Out, the raw sampled “non-equalized” signal from the amplifier.
- Rear Metal Bumpers: added protection for the switches and knobs on the back panel.

Product Highlights:
* Proprietary SRT Power Attenuation Technology
* Six levels of step attenuation, plus a continuously variable attenuation control (bedroom mode)
* 40dB of attenuation--attenuates 150 watts down to .015 watt
* 150 watt power rating
* Independent input and output impedance selector switches:
  - from the amplifier and into the attenuator, select from: 2, 4, 8, 16 ohm
  - from the attenuator and to the speaker cabinet(s), select from: 2, 4, 8, 16 ohm
  - uniquely allows 16 possible Input and Output impedance combinations
* Hi Frequency Cut Filter with a True Bypass Switch
* Features a Load setting and is equipped with a Line Out Jack and Line Out Level Control
* Rack Mount Option
* Handwired in the USA

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