Ampeg AMP-SB Speaker System Selector

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This Ampeg unit allows you to connect up to 8 different amp heads to up to 8 speaker cabs.  The unit acts as a dummy load to protect amps when not connected to a speaker.  

So, those of you who have multiple tube amp heads and/or cabs can easily switch between each without doing a bunch of cable jumping gymnastics.

Ampeg sold this unit to dealers to demo their bass amps.  See their description below.

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The AMPSB2 System Selector was developed for demonstrating the finest bass amps and speaker cabinets on the market – Ampeg. This selector allows up to sixty-four amp/speaker cabinet combinations – one of which is sure to close a sale!

Operating the selector is intuitive, but (like everything else in life) there are a few things one should know in order to get the most out of it.

1) Buy all of our hot new bass amplifiers and speaker cabinets.
2) Set up the amplifiers in a rack or similar display. We strongly suggest using the Ampeg bass amp
display rack.
3) Set up the AMPSB2 System Selector near the amps.
4) Set up the speaker cabinets in the demo area.
5) Connect the Speaker Outputs of each amp to the Amplifier Input jacks of the AMPSB2. Use heavy
duty non-shielded speaker cables for these connections.
6) Connect the AMPSB2 Speaker Output jacks to the speaker cabinets. Use heavy duty non-shielded
speaker cables for these connections.
7) Rotate the Amp Select and Speaker Select switches of the AMPSB2 to choose the amplifier and
speaker cabinet combination to be demonstrated.
NOTE: Certain amplifiers sound especially good with certain cabinets. Experimentation with the different combinations will increase your ability to effectively demonstrate (and sell) the products!
NOTE: With the Ampeg AMPSB2, all amplifier inputs are compatible with tube and solid state amplifiers.
Maximum power handling: 400W @ 8 ohms, 200W @ 4 ohms
Made in the USA


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