SOLD - Tone King Imperial MK Boutique Tube Amp 2016

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Testing this amp out was a pleasure!  I had it at home last weekend and the built in attenuator allowed me to dial in some great tones without driving anyone crazy.  But before that, I had the house to myself for a bit and was able to push the volume as well, and man, what a great amp!

 It can produce a solid clean tone as loud as anyone would need, despite the 20 watt output rating, and use of the attenuator on the clean channel lets you get pushed sounds you would only get when you get the volume up pretty high.  The attenuator can be set for both channels, or just the lead channel, which really gives some crazy flexibility.

The lead channel is awesome.  I guess it is kind of like a Tweed Deluxe, but slightly more refined, and again the attenuator allows you to push it like crazy to get drive like you never hear from a tweed amp.

The reverb and tremolo both sound fantastic with whatever tone you dial in.  

You can hear the quality in this amp for sure, and the build is beautiful too.  

It weighs in at a very reasonable 36 lbs, and is fully gig ready.  

Nice padded cover and original footswitch included.  The amp is in excellent condition or better, though the stitching on the handle is a loose.  The handle does not seem to be an issue at all however.  The one tolex ding is pictured.

I dated the amp from the speaker code, which dates to the 2nd week of 2016.


  • Dimensions: 20"h x 23"w x 11"d
  • Weight: 36.2lb
  • Watts; 20
  • Speaker: 12", Original Eminence/Stock Tone King '33
  • Effects: Bias modulate tremolo and tube driven spring reverb
  • Rectifier Tube: 5AR4
  • Power tubes: (2) 6V6
  • Preamp section: (4)12AX7, (1)12AT7
  • Footswitch: tremolo and channel switch, original

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