SOLD - Regal "Sanders" Plectrum Banjo 1930s Likely by Slingerland Chicago

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This Regal banjo is part of my very good friend's estate.  He had quite a collection, much of it I was familiar with - many items were acquired at guitar shows we'd travel to and help each other at.  This banjo is one of the exceptions.  I have very little knowledge in this area, admittedly, and nothing like this comes up when I search the interwebs.

So, I'll just explain it as it seems to me to be:

This is a pretty ornate, quite stunning in person.  The pearloid headstock and fretboard jump right out at you, but the back of the resonator and neck are also gorgeous examples of craftsmanship. 

The tuners have been changed, as evidenced by the visible screw holes in the back of the headstock.  The tuners on the instrument appear to be at least remotely era-correct.

UPDATE: I spoke with a friend who helped me a bit with this banjo, someone who has spent more years with Banjos than I have bee breathing...

His opinion is that perhaps the ring and resonator don't necessarily belong with this neck.  He recognizes the resonator as a Slingerland/Maybelle make and believes that the neck was added to it.  He corrected me on my calling it a tenor banjo as well - it is a plectrum banjo.  Shows you where I'm at here - fish out of water!

I'm not wild about my description here - I like to be able to represent my instruments more thoughtfully, either from my own knowledge or research, or both.  I simply cannot find anything quite like this out there!

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