SOLD - Kauer Banshee Express 2011 Pelham Blue - SOLD

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I bought this guitar a while back when I was just starting to get the vintage guitar business going again.  My 9 year old son fell in love this this one, as did I.  Apparently the Firebird loving gene passes from generation to generation!  He doesn't want me to sell it but I told him I'd list it eventually, so here it is.  The guitar is 100% original.

Kauer attention to detail and innovation come together here with this classic design.  Wood selection is unconventional but yields great results!  The body and neck are Spanish Mahogany, AKA Spanish Cedar.  The fretboard is Wenge and the top is maple.  Here is some info on the Spanish Mahogany:

"While most builders are grabbing the last batches of endangered species of mahogany and rosewood, Kauer generally goes with Spanish cedar—aka South American mahogany—and ambrosia maple. “Spanish cedar is an amazing, warm, clear sounding mahogany that is also very light weight and ambrosia maple is just as fantastic sounding as Eastern maple,” says Kauer. “I’d rather put all my efforts into making the most of what I think is the best-sounding, most-reliable tonewoods available to build something I know will sound good and I won’t run out of… and to be honest, I’m tired of seeing 10-top after 10-top [laughs]. What I truly enjoy about the Spanish cedar and ambrosia maple is they create a familiar sounding guitar that still produces its own voice and character.”"

An option/upgrade on this particular example are the three slider switches on the pickguard.  All three options are available here: coil split, phase reverse and "cocked wah".  The three switches give you infinite tone options.  The Cocked Wah switch applies a filter that chokes the frequency range leaving the guitar, a really cool nasal quality that is more useful than it sounds.


  • Weight: 7lb 3oz
  • Body: Spanish Cedar (aka Spanish Mahogany)
  • Neck; Spanish Cedar
  • Fretboard: Wenge
  • Inlays: Keystone shaped pearloid
  • Fret count: 22, med jumbo - excellent condition with little wear
  • Nut width: 1 5/8"
  • Scale length: 24.75"
  • Radius: 12"
  • Neck thickness measured with machinist calipers, right behind the fret
  • Neck thickness at 1st fret: .855"
  • Neck thickness at 7th fret: .943"
  • Neck thickness at 12th fret: .998"
  • Neck pickup: TV Jones Powertron, 4.97K
  • Bridge pickup: TV Jones Powertron, 8.27k
  • Case: Original, high-quality Mono gig bag

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