SOLD - Gibson A-40 Mandolin Project 1940s 1950s

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This mandolin will do well in the right hands.  The back is cracked, extending into the upper bout.  This appears to be somewhat common for this model/era as I've seen a couple others out there with this issue.

The face of the headstock was oversprayed for some reason.  There is no damage to the headstock at all, so I'm not sure why that happened.  It has had the tuners changed out once, but the holes line up to what would be original - likely Kluson strip tuners.  There is the slightest separation at the back of the neck heel, but the neck is stable.  Frets look pretty worn.  The neck does not look warped.  

There is a Shadow pickup installed, apparently one that senses top vibration for its signal.  This is mounted to the original bridge with a screw that also goes into the top.  You can see that I put some painter's tape on the bridge to keep it from wagging around as it is only attached to the top on one side.  The pickup cable goes to an added output jack.  I have not tested the pickup.

The original pickguard is included, however it is showing the typical celluloid degradation.  All the pickguard mounting hardware is original.  

The tailpiece is original and includes the "cloud" cover.  No truss rod cover is included.

Sold as-is.  I will double box it very carefully for shipment as there is no case included.

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