Fryer Guitars Treble Booster Special 2015 Numbered and Signed

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This pedal arrived with a collection of amazing British gear from a collector who is a huge Queen and Brian May fan.  He sought out gear that emulated May's sound, like this Fryer treble booster.  

This is an early issue model, signed and numbered (#30) by Greg Fryer.  

The pedal is in excellent condition and comes as shown.

Some info from Fryer's site:

Evolution of the Treble Booster Special:

The 2014 Treble Booster Special prototypes (below) led to the black version produced 2015-2017 for me by Roberto Garcia from Thundertomate pedals in Spain,  and were substantially the same model as the 2018 blue version which I produced and handbuilt, and which is still being made today in 2022.

The 2014 prototype Treble Booster Special features the same transistor that I have used in the TB Super 2014 and TB Deluxe 2014 pedals. The older TB Special prototypes which I made from 2008-2010 were good sounding pedals and used a BC239C transistor, but the new transistor which I have used from 2014 in pedals such as TB Super and TB Deluxe produces an even better harmonically richer sound.

The TB Special has many similarities to my various Brian May Fryer treble booster pedals with several extra thinner or fatter sounds available through the 8 position rotary switch ‘Tone Range’ control .

The TB Special works equally well with both the Brian May Red Special guitar/Vox AC30 amp combination as well as with conventional guitars and amps such as Fender Gibson Ibanez  Marshall and also with digital modelling equipment such as Line 6.

Since 2006 I have been trialing different versions of the Treble Booster Special pedal, and Brian May recorded in his studio with an earlier prototype version of this pedal in April 2007 (see pic below).

Details of the redesigned 2014 version Treble Booster Special pedal:

“Level” control

“Range” or “Tone” control has 8 tone selections on its rotary switch (my prototype handmade pedals have 6 tone positions), each position selects a different input capacitor which gives a range from thinner to fatter sounds

True bypass footswitch and LED status on/off

For powering the pedal there is the choice of using either a 9 V battery or 9 V Adaptor. The 2.1mm 9V Adaptor socket uses the industry standard Boss PSA adaptor (negative centre).



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