SOLD - Frank Chapman Brown Note 18 watt guitar amp and power soak

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What a great pair!  This custom made 18w, handwired amp absolutely rips.  It is built into an old, repurposed chassis and cabinet, using vintage transformers.  The circuit appears to be based on the famous old Marshall 18 watt design.  The amp is small but packs a punch, producing surprisingly loud output with rich tube tone.  It stays pretty clean all the way up, depending on what you're plugging into it.

The power soak pedal came with the amp when I acquired it, and it really compliments the amp.  Start with the attenuator knob fully clockwise and attenuation is at its minimum.  Each click to the left adds more output tube saturation as the transformer in the power soak puts a load on the amp.  The farther the turn to the left you go brings more amp sag and distortion and the volume decreases as well.  The footswitch on the pedal allows you to bypass the attenuation and go back to the natural tone of the amp.  

The amp uses two 12AX7s, two EL84s and one 6CA4 rectifier tube.

Grab this unique tone duo today!

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