SOLD - Fender Vibrosonic Reverb Amplifier 1973

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We played some music at the shop last Friday, and this amp was employed.  We found it to be pretty damn amazing!  It was obvious that the amp has been well maintained.

It is loud, and it is clean sounding.  The reverb is lush and the tremolo throbby.  The JBL D130 sounds great, though I am not certain that it is original to the amp because it is an 8 ohm speaker, and the amp has an extension speaker output that says "total load 8 ohms".  So, you can either use the internal speaker OR an external cab, but not both.

Today I went through it and saw that most of the circuit is original and the filter caps have been changed.

The power tubes are recent JJ 6L6s.  The entire preamp section is loaded with vintage RCAs, all of which are stable.  I imagine that the RCAs aren't hurting the tone at all!

All original transformers are present, and they are clean and rust free, as is the chassis.

Condition externally is excellent with just a tear in the grille cloth to show the amp's age.

I'm not sure if the push-in casters are original, but they're a big help as the amp is heavy - 74 pounds to be exact.

Overall this is a killer amp with tons of headroom and no issues whatsoever.


  • Dimensions: 11x20x27
  • Weight: 74lbs
  • Output power: 100 watts
  • Date stamp: 7/12/1973, stamped inside chassis
  • Speaker: JBL D130, perhaps not original
  • Extension speaker out?: Yes - 8 ohms total load
  • Effects; Reverb, Tremolo and pull pot on the Master for boost
  • Rectifier: no tube, solid state/internal
  • Power tubes: (4) 6L6, recent JJ tubes
  • Preamp tubes: (3) 7025, (2) 12AT7, (1) 12AX7, all old RCA tubes
  • Pedal: Original
  • Covering: Orig
  • Grille: Orig with one tear
  • Casters with pop-in plates, perhaps not original

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