SOLD - Fender Tweed Super 5F4 Amp Chassis 1959 in aftermarket cabinet

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Here's something you don't see every day, or ever...

This amp looks odd on the surface, but don't let the looks fool you.  The chassis is a real 1959 Tweed Super 5F4, an amazing sounding circuit!  The power transformer is original, the output transformer is a Mercury Magnetics Axiom - as good a replacement as you can buy.  

Over the years, some misplaced repairs to the chassis were performed.  There are a couple new holes from a different output transformer.  

Caps are changed throughout, NOS 60's caps were used where possible - including Shure Vitamin Q caps - as it was required when the amp was being checked out.  All the pots and most of the resistors are original.  

There is a mix of old US made and new tubes.

Speakers are Jensen C10Qs from 1963.

The origins of the cabinet are unknown.  The tweed looks authentically old, but it is pulling up here a bit where the backplates attach to the cabinet.

The tone is all 1959 - the amp is loud and punchy and breaks up sweetly as you turn it up.

Look at the tweed reverb unit we're selling.  It is the perfect compliment to this amp!

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