SOLD - Fender Super Reverb 1971

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I'm going to start listing a bunch of really nice amps, including this 1971 Super Reverb, but they'll be for local pickup only at this point as I am not currently set up with the materials necessary to ship large amps.  Here we go with the first one!

The amp is exactly what you might expect, A Super Reverb is a great stage amp, which isn't a big thing currently, but one of these days in the not too distant future things will get back to normal and people will start scooping them up again.  This would be a great amp to convert to blackface specs, and now is just the time for a project. 

This Super Reverb has a two original CTS AlNiCo magnet speakers from April 1972, one from late 1975 an older looking, ceramic magnet replacement speaker.  The pots all date from 1970 as do the transformers.  

All the transformers are original.  The filter caps are as well, and most of the parts in the circuit, just a couple caps appear to have been changed out. 

There are some rips in the tolex here and there, and the original cover is included, albeit in pretty ragged shape.  The handle and legs are intact and all original knobs, the original grille cloth and logo are all present.

The amp functions perfectly, including the reverb and termolo.  It is loaded with a mix of vintage tubes: RCA, GE etc.  They all work great, but of course come with no guarantee as they are likely as old as the amp or older.  




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