SOLD - Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop "Partscaster" 2012-2015

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"Partscaster" guitars are everywhere - guitars cobbled together by all kinds of folks from all kinds of parts.  This one is the top of the heap!  Grab this one and play the heck out of it, or modify it to your heart's content - then play the heck out of it!

Building a Partscaster isn't really that tough, but often times there is more money wrapped up in the instrument than the value of the complete instrument.  That isn't always the concern, because man are build to meet a player's specific taste and style.  

In the case of this guitar, top-quality parts were used all the way around.  The result is a Fender Custom Shop quality instrument at a great price!

The neck is a Custom Shop Limited Edition Relic from 2012 with killer aging that makes it look like it's been in smoky bar gigs for decades.  The neck has a late 50's "soft V" profile.  The neck was refretted with jumbo frets and they show little to no wear.

The body is a Fender Custom Shop Relic as well.  I'm assuming from the included certificate of authenticity that the body is from 2015, a 1955 reissue in dirty-blonde.  The body has no date, which I've noticed from other Custom Shop inventory I've taken in.  The body shows all the other stamps that verify it is a Fender Relic.  

Pickups are vintage-voiced DiMarzio Area Noise-Cancelling with 50's voicing.  The bridge is a high-quality Callaham vintage replacement.  The pickguard appears to be a real Fender vintage reproduction.  The tuners were likely on the neck form the start and have been aged to match the neck.  The switch is a 5-way CRL and the pots are CTS, also likely from the original Fender build. The neck plate is a reproduction, not a Fender issued part.


  • Case: Fender "Zebra Tweed" - very cool!
  • Weight: 7lb 3oz
  • Body: Fender Relic 2 piece ash in dirty blonde
  • Neck: Maple soft v nicotine relic, black dot inlays
  • Frets: Pro refret with Jescar FW57110, equivalent to Dunlop 6100
  • Nut width: 1 5/8", bone
  • Radius: 9.5"
  • Neck thickness measured right behind the fret: .845" at 1st fret, .942" at 7th fret, .978" at 12th fret
  • Bridge: Callaham
  • Neck pickup: 5.88K, DiMarzio Area DP416AW
  • Mid Pickup: 5.94K, DiMarzio Area DP419AWU
  • Bridge pickup: 6.45K, DiMarzio Area DP415AWU
  • Tuners: Kluson Deluxe aged repro
  • Switch: 5-way CRL
  • Pots: CTS
  • In the case: 2 trem springs, COA from 55 relic strat (2015), Fender owner's manual, fender warranty card, trem arm


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