SOLD - Carr Lincoln 2x12 Tooled Brown Leather Hand Tooled Brown with Clamshell Cover

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Here's a beautiful Carr Lincoln, wrapped in awesome-looking hand-tooled leather.  Not only does it look good, it sounds amazing!  Includes a Studio Slips Clamshell cover and the original footswitch.

The amp was made in limited quantities in this covering style, and now the model is discontinued by Carr.  This might be a good one to stash!

There are a couple light scuffs, shown in the pictures, but the amp is very clean overall, all original, and has seen very little use. 

The configuration provides incredible flexibility.  Each channel has it's own reverb control, which is something I'd love to see on more amps.  Output power can be switched from 18 watts to 6, allowing you to take full advantage of the two Celestion Creambacks to keep up with your band, or run it lower for day to day use.  The footswitch selects between the two channels, and offers a boost for each channel - so you have four sounds available at all times.

Tube compliment: (2) EL84 power tubes (currently TAD brand), (4) 12AX& preamp tubes (Mixed manufacturer).  The solid state rectifier keeps the tone tight, no matter how you gain it up.  The amp is hand wired, using the finest components.

I just purchased brand new boxes to pack the larger amps I've brought into stock.  This amp will be shipped in the cover, with tubes removed and individually wrapped, and the amp will be double boxed to make sure it gets there safely.  

Here is a review of the 1x12" version from our friends at Vintage Guitar magazine:,pine%2C%20dove%2Dtailed%20cabinet. 

Premier Guitar had equally great things to say about the Lincoln:



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