SOLD - Vox AC30/6 TB 1999 Korg Era Made in England

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These Korg era AC30s have proven to be a solid, reliable and authentic sounding version of the original, legendary Vox amp where some earlier reissue versions were problematic.

The amp is all original, transformers and all and sports two stock Celestion Greenbacks, one missing the label. 

There is the need for a tube refresh on this one, which I'll do with new JJs.

The AC30 has that glassy, EL84 tone that is a rock and roll classic.  There really is no substitute when this is the tone your looking for.  It's a killer gigging amp.

This will be a beast to pack, but I'll get it done to get it there in one piece - something I take a lot of pride in.  That said, a lot of work goes into packing these so I don't see any bargaining happening on this one. 

  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 21"x27"x10.25"
  • Weight: 68lbs
  • Watts: 30
  • Date: 1999
  • Where date is noted: Transformers, Data Plate
  • Speaker 1 brand/model: Celestion G12 Greenback
  • Speaker 1 Code: 53H1777
  • Speaker 2 brand/model: Celestion G12 Greenback
  • Extension speaker out?: Yes
  • FX Loop?: No
  • Reverb or other effects?: Tremolo and Vibrato
  • Rectifier Tube: (1)xGZ 34
  • Power tubes: (4)xEL84
  • Preamp tubes: (6)x ECC83
  • Pedal: Yes
  • Pots: Original
  • Tolex: Original
  • Grille: Original
  • Knobs: Original
  • Handle: Original
  • Power cord: Original

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