Vox AC30/6 1964

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A 60s Vox AC30 is a very good thing.  I feel they're undervalued in the market, perhaps because they are a bit misunderstood.  

The AC30 is not only iconic, it is an incredibly useful amp with tone that is unique to it alone.  This is why you'll see one in just about every quality recording studio and on stage with the most important guitarists.

Known for their glassy, cutting tone, they can also be warm and sweet - you just have to treat em right!  They respond to everything well - Les Pauls, SGs, Strats, Teles, Rickenbackers, Gretsches.  I have tried em all through mid 60s AC30s and there is never a dud of a combo.  Last night I hit this one with a Tele, a Les Paul Special and an ES-335 and found pure joy. 

This particular example has seen some service, addressing necessary maintenance, starting with filter cap changes.  I think this is the source of misunderstanding with the AC30.  So many I have come across have had no service, or very poor work was done to address issues, causing ongoing problems that make the amps seem unreliable or unpredictable.  When they're running right, there is no substitute.

Original Wooden power and output transformers remain in the amp, date stamped to 1964.  The choke transformer was swapped out at some point with a quality substitute.  The tone remains intact.

Someone added an aftermarket top boost module, and the work was very professionally done.  This provides greater control over the amp.  The unit appears to be of modern production, perhaps from the resurgent JMI folks about 15 years ago or so.  The back panel was cut to add the unit as the factory would have. 

The serial and model numbers are stamped into the chassis, a trait of those built by Burndept Electronics for Vox in the period.  

The plastic molded vents are original and one handle appears to be as well.  All three handles show different logo styles - two of them are very likely changed.

The power cable ahs been updated.  The original blue Celestion alnico speakers were reconed long ago.  They sound ver solid and complimentary to the amp despite the modern look to the cones.  

A few screws and nuts are changed here and there, nothing that really jumps out.  There is no footswitch.

These amps are a bit noisy, but moving about to find the wide spots where the amp ceases to interact with the guitar is no problem.

We will ship the amp in two boxes, separating the chassis from the cab.  There is no way to fully ensure safe delivery of the unit in one piece.  The chassis has a tendency to damage the plywood tray it rides on if handled roughly.  Be prepared for some simple assembly on arrival.  We can help over the phone.  It is easy!

We have to sell amps like this as-is.  It is just the way it goes.  You can trust us as an amp authority - look at our inventory.

  • Case/Cover?: Aftermarket
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: L27.25" x H20" x 10.25"
  • Weight: 68 lbs
  • Watts: 30 Watts
  • Date: 1964
  • Where is Date Noted?: Transformer codes
  • Speaker 1 - 2 Brand: Vox 
  • Speaker 1 - 2 Size: 12"
  • Speaker 1 - 2 Code: N/A
  • Speaker 1 - 2 Cone: Re-Coned
  • Power Transformer Brand/Codes: Woden 78952
  • Choke Transformer Brand/Codes: Replaced
  • Output Transformer Brand/Codes: Woden 76853
  • Extension Speaker Out? No
  • Effects Loop?: No
  • Reverb or other effects?: Vib-Trem
  • Rectifier Tube: GZ34/5AR4
  • Rectifier Tube Brand: Mullard
  • Power Tubes: 4 x EL84 (NEW)
  • Power Tube Brand: JJ
  • Preamp Tubes: ECC83, ECC82, 7025
  • Preamp Tube Brand: JJ, Marshall
  • Filter Caps: Replaced
  • Pedal: No
  • Pots/Codes: Original except 2 replaced on Bass and Treble
  • Tolex/Tweed: Original
  • Grille: Original
  • Knobs: Original
  • Handle: 3 Different Handles, We think the middle on is original with the left and right handles being replacements. See Pics
  • Power Cord: Included
  • Notes: This thing sounds like freight train rollin"!

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